Biedrība "Apvienība HIV.LV" (ik dienu pl. 9 - 21)


Zviedri apstiprinājuši jauna HIV štamma atklāšanu

Datums: 2013-12-16
Vai šis štamms pieder pie HIV1 un HIV2 tipa vīrusa?
Šķiet HIV-1
Datums: 2013-12-18
All in all, there are more than 60 epidemic strains of HIV-1, responsible for infecting people all over the globe. Typically, a specific geographic region is dominated by just one or two of these strains. If an individual becomes infected with two different strains of HIV-1, however, a recombination form of the virus can occur... The major subtypes discovered from the participants were called CRF02_AG and A3, affecting 53 percent and 29 percent of people, respectively. Interestingly, 13 percent of all subjects tested positive for A3/02, a recombinant form that stems from CRF02_AG and A3. CRF02_AG and A3 were certainly anticipated, as they are the most common strains of HIV found in Guinea-Bissau. However, the A3/02 recombinant represented a relatively new strain, whose virulence was yet to be truly tested. "Virulent A3/02 HIV Strain Leads to AIDS Within Five Years"


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